Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another semester begins ...

It is the beginning of the second semester here in Australia, and we have five new students starting with the project.  We had seven last semester, and two have finished.  That means that we now have ten students -- with is both daunting and exciting. Daunting, because it means that I will have ten more projects to guide and manage, and exciting because I will have ten more excellent people working on aspects of the Serval Project.

The new students will be looking into cryptography, smart ways to use GPS when there is no infrastructure, and the first steps towards long-range ISM915 mesh communications as well as initial explorations towards porting from Android to iOS and Symbian.

These students will build on the great work which students, staff and volunteers have put in over the last six months.

We now have substantial progress towards infrastructure-free SMS and mapping services, as well as a really simple installation procedure, and some great ground work to make it easier to port to new Android phones as they come out.

So, I find my self rather much in a tremendously exciting and amazing place as we make the Serval Project's vision of universal communications, anywhere, any time, a reality.

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