Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TEDx Adelaide Talk Is Now On Youtube

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently presented at TEDx Adelaide, which had the theme "On The Edge".  They have now put the videos up on YouTube, so here it is:

The bottom line? 

Just as MP3 files and digital music distribution has changed the market place for the recording industry, so to decentralised digital mobile communications is on the verge of similarly disrupting the mobile telecommunications industry, by similarly adding value to the everyday experience of many people. 

The question is, will the mobile carriers see the opportunities that change brings, or will they work against their own interests by failing to embrace the change?

Only time will tell.


  1. The telco triune brain has kicked in, Paul so now it is fight AND flight time ... for them. If Android is plan A then... options exist but... . if windows, what are the options.$$$$? All IOS does is wall your gardens as we the open source community do not trust Apple or Google to not very soon become telcos. As my alma mater IBM proved long ago a much older wiser safer open door policy ... strategy exists .. but building information infrastructure backbones means long delay due to FUD

    Refer to plan B!!