Thursday, September 22, 2011

More than we expected at the IEEE

If you have been reading this blog you will know that we sent Romana over to Okinawa to present our desire to see ad-hoc mode wifi improved, and also to consider how to use the baseband radio in mobile phones to support wifi on very low cost phones, and also to provide much longer range meshing using the ISM915/868 bands that offer very useful link budget advantages over the 2.4GHz band used by regular WiFi.

Well, we have been absolutely gobsmacked by the interest and positive response that Romana experienced at the meeting, and have the opportunity of taking up the baton to champion proposing these enhancements through the formal IEEE 802 standards process.

This is a great privilege, and also an opportunity that cannot be accepted without serious and solemn consideration, because it will basically require someone's effort, full time, for perhaps three years or more.

We are convinced that we want to, and that we should engage with this standards process, but just need to work out whether we have the resources to do it, without drawing all of our available resources away from progressing the development of the Serval mesh telephony software.

More news as we have it.

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