Sunday, January 27, 2013

Serval Mesh 0.90 RC1 Demo

We hopped outside this week to run some tests on the Serval Mesh 0.90 release candidate to see how it performs outside, particularly Rhizome (including MeshMS) in a multi-hop configuration.  We made the following video of the test.

What impacted me most in this testing, was how generally usable the new release is for general use.  Provided the mesh could make the connection, phone calls were easy, and MeshMS and file sharing just worked.  When coordinating the MeshMS  tests, we used a mesh voice call to arrange things.  Then when coordinating file sharing tests, we used MeshMS.

The photos we transferred in the video are shown below:
The photo I sent to Luke

The photo Luke sent me
This test also uncovered an issue with our multi-hop voice call routing, which need some work to prevent routing loops when there are many phones in a small area (we had six phones together in the basket on Romana's scooter).

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