Friday, May 31, 2013

Crossing the Charles River by Mesh Extender

I am just about to head off to the airport to head home to Australia, but had the chance last night to do one last range test with the Mesh Extenders here in Boston.

Again I put one Mesh Extender on the wardrobe here in room 704 at the Kendall Hotel

I then caught up with Jon from the Awesome Foundation, and we took advantage of the warm evening to walk across the bridge to the far side of the Charles River to see if we could get signal over there.

Once we were on the far side, we were able to obtain an adequate signal over a stretch of around a kilometre along the far bank.  Here I am with the Mesh Extender, connected in a single hop to the Mesh Extender in my hotel room.

To give an idea of where we were, and the distance of the link, see the image below. We also had link at most points along the Charles River Reservation IV.

While we were obviously down at ground level, I was conscious of the many apartment buildings along the foreshore of Back Bay East that would have even better for linking across the Charles River.

There are probably hundreds of apartments along Storrow Drive that would have been able to get a link to the Kendall Hotel with a Mesh Extender, again confirming my view that the Mesh Extenders make mesh telephony much more practical, by making it easy to connect relatively distant locations without aiming antennae, or needing lots of hops.

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