Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Serval Rugged Battery Pack

One of the tasks we have been funding from our crowd funding campaign last year is the design of a rugged battery pack that can run from a solar panel, car battery, hand crank or other various power sources.  This is desired to run Serval Mesh Extenders and other wireless nodes in the field.  Musti has been doing the work on this, putting in much more effort and time than we have paid, and has made some really great progress as the image and video below show.

Image (C) Musti, CC-BY-NC-SA from

The unit should be able to run a Mesh Extender for 2 - 4 days when the design is complete.

As with all we do, the entire design is open-source.  The source code is available at, along with some more pictures of the device in action.

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