Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Serval Mesh 0.93 Released

After much too long, the next official release of the Serval Mesh app for Android has been released on Google Play.

This includes many, many bug fixes incorporated during that time, and also the following major improvements:
  • Greatly reduced power usage, particularly when no peers are present. In previous versions of the software, a CPU lock would be held whenever the software was enabled and connected to a viable Wi-Fi network. This would completely prevent the CPU from suspending, draining the battery in a matter of hours. In this release, Android alarms are used to wake up the CPU, holding a CPU lock for only a short time. While there are still improvements to be made in this area, the software may be able to remain enabled and connected to a Wi-Fi network without significantly impacting battery life.
  • Bluetooth has been added as a usable network transport. The addition of bluetooth support has the potential to greatly simplify the process of discovering and connecting to other phones.
  • Better support for more recent versions of Android. Android 5.0 requires that native binaries are compiled in a way that isn't supported on version before 4.1. So we must now include 2 sets of compiled binaries.
  • Improved user feedback while networks are turning on and off.

You can read full release notes at:,

and get the app itself at:

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