Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Software Developer Contracts Available!

Do you thrive on contributing to something that has the potential to positively impact millions, if not billions of people the world over?

Do you slay pointers in your sleep, dream about data-flow diagrams, or cross-compile kernel drivers for fun?

Can you think in C (or Java)?  Do you know how to use mmap() instead of malloc()?

Have you ever written your own compiler, interpretor or network stack for the fun of it (or all three)?

If you can answer yes to at least some of the above, the Serval Project Inc. has the following contract opportunities that it is seeking to engage, so that we are able to accelerate our software development programme:

1. Java/Android/C Software Developer (full-time NOW through to 31 August)

2. Java/Android/C Software Developer (two days per week NOW through to 31 August)

(or possibly some mix-and-match for the total 1.4 full-time-equivalent.)

The purpose of these roles is to get us to our 1.0 public release in August 2012.  Future opportunities may develop over time, dependent on successful software outputs.

For both of these roles we are looking for people who can quickly pick up Java and/or C code, and make rapid and sustained contributions to the Serval Project's software base in preparation for major software releases during 2012.  

Being a Java/C polymath will definitely work in your favour, as will having some experience with Android software development.  General Linux/UNIX admin and scripting awareness and skills are also a plus, as is demonstrated experience contributing to FLOSS software projects.

But most of all, we need people who are passionate about what the Serval Project is doing, and who want to change the world for the better.  Prior engagement with the Serval Project is a great way to prove this to us, both for these and any future openings.

These openings are available immediately, are based in Adelaide, Australia (sorry, not negotiable for these openings due to the intensity of software development we have scheduled), and interested parties are strongly encouraged to put together:

1. A CV listing (providing links is great) any FLOSS, CJavaAndroid and humanitarian experience;
2. A covering letter; and
3. About 250 words explaining why you think it is vital that the Serval Project succeed.

Then send it all to  ODT and PDF are our preferred formats.

If we like what we read we will get in touch, and get into more of the nitty-gritty.

If we find more great people that we can offer work to, we will keep you on file for when we next have openings.


  1. Hi,

    Is this targeted to developers residing in Australia only. If not? do you provide travel accommodations for overseas candidates?

    1. You would need to cover your own travel, tax and VISA requirements, so realistically this is most suited for Aussie residents, unless you happen to be an Australian (or possibly Kiwi) ex-pat.