Thursday, March 1, 2012

At KiwiEx 2012 (part 1)

This week I have been participating as an Observer at KiwiEx 2012 with the New Zealand Red Cross as part of a process for evaluating a combination of our Serval Mesh and Serval Rhizome software with software and hardware from Kestrel and de Lorme respectively to create a satellite-connected mesh network that can relay team tracking and situation awareness / common operating picture to the outside world, and allow the on-mesh sharing of software, photos, intelligence and other data that is too large to push up via satellite.  In fact, I am on a satellite link right now, so this will be a quick post, with more (and more pictures) to come.

But for now, some pictures:

A Serval-enabled phone in use tethered to a de Lorme inReach iridium satellite module sending data back to base.
We also did some tracking, just using the Serval Mesh to get the data back to the EOC (no iridium satellite), using Serval Rhizome to replicate data among the phones.  I then collected it from just one phone back at base.  All automatic and painless. Rhizome has been an amazing capability this week, being used to collect data and push out software updates at the same time.
Here is a view of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) the team set up.  VHF/HF radio masts and satellite (for internet and telephone) in the foreground.  EOC is in the shearing shed in the foreground, and those of us lucky enough slept in the two cottages in the distance, while the exercise participants camped in a field about a kilometre away.

I got to be part of the team that provided "interference" for the simulated exercises that is the principle purpose of KiwiEx.

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