Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ISM 915MHz band availability in different countries

I found this handy table today that lists ISM band availability around 915MHz in a variety of different countries:

While closer scrutiny is required, it is the best compilation of this data I have found yet, especially for countries outside of ITU Region 2.


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  3. The 33 cm (wavelength) spectrum around 900MHz increasingly appeals, especially since modern electronics make it now almost a DC band. Compared with 433MHz the compact antenna,higher power & low noise floor at this sub 1GHz frequency further tempt.

    However 900MHz spectrum slots are globally much fragmented & are also subject to continual review & tweaking. So called guard bands further may apply-often arising from cellular lobbying. Even Australia & NZ (which usually align on radio & electric matters) differ!

    See Telstra's recent ACMA (Australia's regulatory body) submissions =>, & check the US situation =>

    ( Posted by Stan. SWAN in NZ )