Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Don't Panic, it's a Serval Mesh Extender

I have been working on the firmware for the Mesh Extenders the last couple of weeks.

This has involved combining a few features to make a 0.01 release that can go out on the perk Mesh Extenders, as well as some WR703N-based mesh extenders we are preparing for a monastery (more on that in a later post).

I wanted the firmware to support updating of the servald binary and config file, as well as preventing login as root in normal operation, and operating a captive portal so that people connecting to a mesh extender get some idea of what is going on. It also needs to support the different hardware types we are using.

This is all finally coming together as the following image shows.   The captive portal automatically pops up on my Mac if I associate with a mesh extender by Wi-Fi.

I'll talk more about the firmware structure later, and document it on the wiki.  Anyone wanting to take an early look can checkout the source code and look in the somewhat erroneously named mr3020 directory.

But for now, I am happy that we have the main functions of the mesh extender firmware functioning.

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