Thursday, February 13, 2014

OpenITP UX Sprint ahead of RightsCon 2014

In just a couple of weeks it will be time for 2014 in San Francisco.

In the days just before RightsCon, OpenITP are running a UX sprint that we are participating in.

With the generous support of various organisations and individual supporters Jeremy and I will be attending, and hoping to make some good progress on desktop clients for the Serval Mesh, so that people can make secure VoMP calls, send and receive MeshMS and other files from Linux, MAC OSX or Windows based computers.

Our goal is to make the Serval Mesh much more useful for more people.  Being able to receive data and communications from the mesh on the three major operating systems will obviously be a a big step forward.

So if you are a software developer, technical writer or user experience engineer and in the Bay Area that week, or even if you are not, and would like to help from afar, we would love for you to participate.

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