Thursday, August 28, 2014

Koruza open-source gigabit free space optical wireless

I have previously mentioned the great work that Musti and the guys in Slovenia have been doing on open-source free-space optical links.

Basically they use a gigabit fibre transceiver aimed through a lens in a 3D-printed enclosure to beam data over a distance of up to 100m:

They are now looking to test their design with a number of test stations around the world.

We would love to install one at Arkaroola in the outback, and see just how far we can make it work in the clean dry air there.

Our good friends at NLnet Foundation have offered to sponsor the hardware for a node if we can get 10 organisations to sign up to the Open Innovation Network (the OIN) with the reference set to "NLNET/KORUZA".

The Open Innovation Network is a great idea, basically being a defensive patent pool to protection open-source projects.  The really nice thing is that you don't need any patents to join.  We signed the Serval Project up a while back (we are licensee #808).  They have some big names, like IBM and Google as members and licensees.

So take a look, and think about signing up your project if you would like to help us get a  chance to test one of these:

Next to one of these*:

* Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies only after 5pm.

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