Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Testing Mesh Extender 2.0 Build Process with Farouk from INRIA

This week Farouk from INRIA in Lille, France has been visiting, as we discuss the potential for collaboration.  It looks like what we are doing with Serval and the Mesh Extenders at the moment will be a good fit for the needs of a project that they have at the moment.  As a result, we have spent a couple of days making sure that Farouk can replicate our build process, which also gives us confidence for others building firmware images as well, and transferring as much of the necessary know-how as possible before he heads back to France, and then in a just a couple more days, that I head back to Australia.

In this process, we are also trying to document all of the outstanding software and hardware issues for the Mesh Extenders at, so that we can better coordinate our activities, and also hopefully make it easier for others to contribute or replicate our work.

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