Saturday, October 12, 2013

Custom case for MR3020 based Mesh Extender prototypes

With the help of the very capable Musti from WLAN Slovenija and some of our crowd funding campaign funds (thank you again to everyone who contributed!) we now have a nice 3D-printable case for the MR3020-based Mesh Extender prototypes.

The following images are supplied by Musti, as we are yet to print some of these out ourselves in the lab.  You can be sure we will be doing this as soon as possible next week.

Having our own case is one of those little things that makes a big difference to the end usability, and also feasibility of manufacturing these units in small quantities.  No odd parts poking out. No lids that won't close properly. All little things that make a big difference.

Musti has made the case so that the PCB and radio just slide in, and with a little extra PCB all the connections can be made without having to solder anything -- a very nice time-saving trick.

We will be putting the CAD files up on as soon as we get the chance.

Next we are looking at doing the same for the MR3040, which is much the same as the MR3020, but has an internal rechargeable battery -- that would give us a one-piece complete Mesh Extender, which is very appealing. Also, the MR3040 is much easier to open to get the PCB out in the first place compared with the MR3020 whose lid is cemented and clipped shut, and generally Un-Fun to open by the dozen.

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