Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mesh Extender custom case fitting

As mentioned in the last post we now have a 3D printable case for the MR3020-based Mesh Extender prototypes.  Until today we had only seen the images of the one that Musti printed in Slovenia.  But now thanks to the technical staff here in the department, we got one printed up this morning while I was teaching to see how it looks, and if it fit the components we were using here.

First, here is the unit after we put all the parts in, in fashionable Flourescent Yellow, almost verging on the appropriate International Standard Yellow-Green:

We did, however, hit a little snag: The USB memory sticks we are using here, while very small, are slightly larger than the ones that Musti was measuring against.  Similarly, the USB connector itself had a taller flange than anticipated.  The end result was the case is about 2.5mm too narrow, and about 1mm to low around the USB connector:

This we remedied with a bit of filing to make a slot to accept the USB memory stick until we can tweak the design.  I filed off some of the stylistic curves on the memory stick as well to make this easier.  Then it all fit:
Musti has done a great job making it all slot together, and feel really firm and stable in terms of the positions of the components.

Now to build an updated servald binary including all our recent changes and bug fixes...

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